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About us

We create garments which transcend trends and turn into wardrobe staples.

The Archetype

Archetype is a clothing label established in Helsinki in spring of 2020. 

From ancient Greek, the word Archḗ stand for a beginning, or an origin, and týpos translates to a pattern or a model. More concisely, it refers to the original model or the very first prototype. 

Archetype is original.

Archetype is a collection of models and designs which transcend trends and seasons. It is the epistemology of slow fashion, featuring basic, utilitarian shapes which make for long-lasting wardrobe essentials.

Archetype is universal.

Archetype is based on a mindset of learning and openness. Our pragmatic point of view to design is not based on the idea of exclusivity. From the first design draft to manufacturing, it’s about being mindful of the natural resources we use and cherishing what surrounds us.