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Wool care

Generally garments made from 100% wool require washing very infrequently, only once or twice a year. Proper care will help you maintain the fresh look for your garments.


Hanging your wool clothing in fresh air will help remove any unpleasant odours, such as cigarette smoke. Fresh, cold air outdoors is a good option, but you can also hang your clothing in a damp bathroom after taking a shower. The humidity will even creases and care for the wool fiber.


As always with natural materials, you should let your garments rest in between uses. This allows the fibers to retain their elasticity and the garments to keep in shape.

Because of the elasticity of wool fibers, it is best to use a padded or shaped hanger when storing your wool garments. Especially long time storage can affect the shape of your garment. Do not hang wool clothing for long periods in direct sunlight.


Wool can attract dust and small particles. These can be gently brushed off with a natural bristle clothing brush. Always brush vertically from top to bottom, along the nap.

You can also try dipping the clothing brush to a bowl of lukewarm water.  Shake off any excess water, and again brush the wool cloth gently. Brushing with water can help remove appearance of pilling. 

Washing and stains

As wool in it self is dirt repellent, most stains can be removed immediately without washing before the stains dry up and set in. If thorough wash is required, select a wool wash cycle with cool water temperature and use a wool detergent.

Wool yarns contain proteins which will be broken by enzyme wash, so make sure to select a wool washing liquid not based on enzyme wash technology.

Lay the clothing horizontally to dry and shape the clothing when still moist. It's best to iron wool garments with a steamer. If you are using an iron, turn the garment inside out and avoid ironing directly on the garment. Instead place a moist cotton cloth between the iron and clothing. 


At the end of wool wearing season, try placing your wool clothing in a ziplock bag and putting it in the freezer for a few hours to cleanse them thoroughly. After freezing, shake the garment thoroughly before storing away until the next season.