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Garment care

Care for your garments and re-experience the joy of a fresh, newly purchased product. A longer life-cycle will help lower the environmental footprint of the product.

Here are a few simple guidelines to follow when caring for garments made from natural materials:

  • Air instead of washing 

Fresh and moist air refreshes the garments, smooths creases and prevents odours from sticking. Some materials, such as linen and alpaca wool, are naturally antibacterial and require very little washing.

  • Allow fibers to rest 

Resting the clothing in between uses allows the natural fibers to retain their elasticity. The garments keep their shape and fibers will not weaken.

  • Remove stains before they set in 

As soon as a stain appears remove it before it dries up and sticks on the fabric. Some materials, such as wool, are naturally dirt and water repellent. Cotton poplin has a lustrous surface which is easy to wipe clean before the stains set in.

  • Opt for gentle and mild wash 

Select a gentle cycle with plenty of water. Use a mild, ecological detergent. A cooler wash temperature is always less detrimental to the fiber and the environment.


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