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Cotton care

We currently have in our collection cotton poplin and cotton corduroy. Please read the basic cotton care guidelines which apply to all cotton textiles. More detailed information for how to best care for your corduroy garments is followed below.

Basic cotton care

To care for your cotton garment, we recommend machine wash using a gentle cycle in a low temperature. Always wash colors separately. Choose a mild, ecological detergent. A good choice for detergent is a product designed for more delicate laundry, as these condition the textiles whilst performing well with cooler water.

After wash, hang the garment to dry directly on clothing hanger. This will lessen the need to use iron or steam. Never use bleach with colors and we do not recommend using a dryer. 

Cotton corduroy care

Our cotton corduroy is a very sturdy 100% cotton, which is very similar to denim. Therefore it does not benefit from frequent washing. Instead, you should try resting the clothing in fresh air as often as possible and washing only when necessary.

Most corduroy clothings are made with polyester blends. As we use a 100% cotton corduroy, it is best to let the clothing hang and rest in between uses.

In addition to airing, you can try removing unpleasant odours by closing the corduroy garment in an air tight ziplock bag and putting it in the freezer overnight. 

Washing corduroy 

Corduroy is quick to attract any lint from the wash, so be sure to close buttons and zippers and turn the garment inside out before wash. Do not mix whites and colors in the same wash, and avoid washing together with lint-producing textiles, such as wool, felt or fleece. 

Wash in low temperature, as hot water will cause heavier corduroy to shrink vertically approximately 4%. A gentler cycle is more gentler on the fibers.

You shouldn't need to iron your corduroy, just hang it to dry and shape the garment when still moist.

Removing lint from corduroy

Please note that it is most straight forward to wash corduroy separately and avoid the lint removal steps in total. However, if your corduroy garment attracts lint, try first brushing the fabric along the nap lines. You can also use a lint roller. 

If the lint has stuck to the nap, try spraying a mist of water on the garment and again gently brushing along the nap.

If all else fails, you can add a cup of vinegar to the washing machine and wash again the garment with a rinse program. The vinegar should help making the garment more anti-static.