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Material care

Our goal is to select natural materials which are durable and easy to care for.

Basic linen care

To care for your garment, we recommend machine wash using a gentle cycle with cool water. Choose a mild, ecological detergent. A good choice for detergent is a product designed for more delicate laundry, as these condition the textiles whilst performing well with cooler water.

The linen fibre is lightweight when dry but due to its water absorbing qualities turns heavy when wet. Therefore we recommend washing linen garments separately, and using plenty of water in the wash. A good idea is to rinse the linen garment by hand before the machine wash - this allows the washing machine to adjust the water levels adequately.

After wash, hang the garment to dry directly on clothing hanger. This will lessen the need to use iron or steam. Linen textiles dry superbly fast. Never use bleach with colors and we do not recommend using a dryer. 

Stained garments

If you attain a stain, best is to rinse it off before it sets in. If your garment does have a stain which requires washing in warmer temperature, then please allow for approximately 3% shrinkage.

With more challenging stains, you can also try to add laundry vinegar to the wash. It will open the linen fibres up and allows for more deeper cleansing. However, this will make the fabric feel a bit rough against the skin. Ironing or steaming will help to smoothen the garment after a sturdier cleansing treatment.

Overall, linen fabrics are durable and get softer with time and each wash. Caring for the garments requires no special skillsets. As an eco-friendly reminder we recommend not to over-wash natural fibre garments.